How Social Media Changed Marketing


Traditional Marketing

Until recently, traditional marketing was nothing but a circus show. Your company was like the performer and in the brief time you were in the spotlight you had to shout all the virtues that made you stand out from the competition at once or choose to focus on one that you thought might resonate. 

Best Quality     |     Lowest Price     |     Don’t Miss This Once in a Lifetime Opportunity.

It seemed pretty unbalanced but customers had to listen up and enjoy the show as they had nowhere else to go to consume their media. 

How Social Media Changed Marketing

Social Media has changed that. It finally gave them the option to create their own show. They can demand change on what they view and how long they view it.  They are now the star of the show and businesses have to now focus on what their customers want to consume. 

A lot of businesses are still stuck in the traditional marketing structure of talking about themselves. While, yes that is still necessary. It can’t be every post. In other words, you need to offer or serve your customer multiple times before your sale, building trust. Just like a real relationship, it can’t be all about you.

Take the time, find out about your customer, dig deep, discover their likes and dislikes. List things that you’d never think were important. Take this information and list ideas of what that person might want to know or want to see. Give them this. Give, give, give and then ask them to notice you.

Download the brief Find Your Tribe worksheet below and do this discovery for yourself. If you’d like to dig a little deeper you can sign up for a workshop here.


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