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unlock the formula to grow your business with social media

It's time to take the mystery out of social media and it's algorithm. I see you scrolling through your photos desperate for something that relates to you and trying to write an inspiring caption that will draw the right people to you. And then waiting for the response, did anyone even see it? Soon enough it's time to start all over. I've been there and it can feel overwhelming.

There is an easier way.

What if you felt comfortable with each post knowing you were marketing without the hard sell. That you were offering what your customers wanted and not constantly asking them for something. If you had a plan for the entire month, each month. If the time you had to invest in social media didn't overwhelm you.

There is a way to learn this...


social media strategy workshop

The workshop will be an inspirational, informative and energising half-day retreat for small businesses. Designed to give you the foundation you need to be able to know what to post, how to work with the algorithms and create a plan that takes you through each month confidently.

Discover how to show your clients the value in what you do, elevate your offering and unleash the potential within your business. This workshop won’t make a perfect feed (um, that’s not fun), and it certainly won’t make you look like everyone else. Instead, you’ll learn how to tell your story, own your voice, and share it with the world in a way that makes them stand up, take notice, and follow you to the ends of the earth.

what to expect in the workshop


the location


Mills Reef Winery & Restaurant

Mills Reef's art-deco style restaurant is purpose designed for dining in an ambience which compliments fine wine and cuisine. The restaurant offers relaxed outdoor dining on glorious sunny Bay Of Plenty days. The award-winning cuisine is best described as Antipodean/Pacific-rim style, blending the best of local produce and latest culinary innovations. 



so how much does it cost?


Social Media Strategy is a course built to help any entrepreneur, creative dreamer, social media manager or just simply anyone looking to grow their following. I want this course to be accessible to everyone who is pursuing something big, no matter what stage of business you’re in, from beginners with a dream to the experienced entrepreneur who's ready to not only grow their following, but grow their profits! 

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